25 of the Best Presets for Alight Motion

The app that will provide you with that video that you have wanted so much even in a professional way is available to everyone, ALIGHT MOTION now you will be able to create incredible videos with movements that will surprise you and make you feel like a professional video creator since this This tool provides you with different styles, such as good visual effects, it offers a very good animation in advanced and professional quality, you also have to take into account that editing videos is a very common task for creators, this alternative is not a problem for this application, it is more ALIGTH MOTION has the ability to frame that video that you have to capture, since it is very important for your video as it is for photography, this app offers you this important method of video composition and other alternatives offered by ALIGHT M la first app with motion design

It is an app that also organizes the editing process very well from the main tab, you have access to the set of started projects and this will allow you to control each job with total independence among the many available functions that ALIGHT M provides, you can have the option of grading which is with which we correct the color or dozens of transitions to be able to join video cuts.


01 :https://alight.link/LofmEvTuR27QFT619

02 :https://alight.link/Pjk9j31sMndj7h1g9

03 :https://alight.link/L45WL2xysduLRsGJ8

04 :https://alight.link/AGhU6Z2ymEQ4XwRK9
Sound :

05 :https://alight.link/wHg9xijgEuddoaAHA
Sound :

06 :https://alight.link/MLpSsDUwxgJfjDb3A
Sound :

07 :https://alight.link/7pkE3gCuvz9bZLJy6
Sound :

08 :https://alight.link/vV4yNn9gaK3ANKQs7
Sound :

09 :https://alight.link/fHikbYiQZBUvosyZ7

10 :https://alight.link/PiRZUzqMKtNtGUoL9
Sound :

11 :https://alight.link/JM6nP5qR83BKuteZ8

12 :https://alight.link/7MV4pb3Csn2c1dDo8

13 :https://alight.link/JnbKAiXaL2UAx4fT9

14 :https://alight.link/CBYd5Q6j8xJYU3zq6

15 :https://alight.link/nr5is3FMGrmVfH8v7

16 :https://alight.link/vHLFRtfL6wq713R97

17 :https://alight.link/2d8seh2tUYBWDM118
Sound :

18 :https://alight.link/nXxpqTXY72sxRTW26

19 :https://alight.link/MZ9BDpdnwKBfwV299

20 :https://alight.link/5Jj6RGcrtBhbPTwe7
Sound :

21 :https://alight.link/JdhJ7mKZiYrrzcCt5

22 :https://alight.link/cPscHSQHfh41pMMu6
Sound :

23 :https://alight.link/Qti2b6d8hjbyEsYx9

24 :https://alight.link/qyPJDj3Gj1HtgVfG7

25 :https://drive.google.com/file/d/17yjwUazqhF_V8EwvaK4nVAFjmMKSTc_B/view?usp=drivesdk
Sound :

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