The game features multiplayer mode and also includes more than 30 playable characters [3]. In addition, it will include a game mode called World Mode, in which players can create their own character, which will command a division of the army that can carry out missions throughout all explorable territory. The title also allows users to create their own titan, whose physical and psychological traits can be customized as the game progresses. [4] Regarding the story mode, the base game covers the events of the first and second seasons of the anime, while in the Final Battle expansion, the events of the third season are included.

Game mechanics
Surprise Attack: They have added a type of attack known as a surprise attack, in which your character pulls out a spyglass. With that spyglass, you aim at the titan you want to attack, and after a short period of fixation, the character pounces on the titan. If the weather is perfect, the nape is cut perfectly and a perfect subjugation is achieved. However, if the titan detects you while aiming, it goes into Rage mode.

Powerful Titans: Powerful titans have been added, which have the nape protected, and in order to inflict damage, we must hit the parts of their body with green flashes. If you want to capture these titans, you must cut off all of their limbs.

Strange Titans: Strange Titans have been added as well. These Titans are variants of the Shifting Titans. These titans are the strongest in the game, and they are extremely powerful. To capture it, its limbs must be disabled.

Rage mode: The rage of the titans mode is something new, if you miss multiple attacks, or they detect you while you are targeting them with the surprise attack, the titan enters this mode, where it only attacks you, and you can only attack it . Depending on the type of titan, attack unusual attacks, which can often be inescapable.

Dodge: Dodge mechanic has been added. If you perform a sideways movement while an attacking Titan, your character automatically positions himself behind the neck of the titan, and at the push of a button, performs a subjugation kinematics. Depending on the type of titan being treated, the animation is different, but it is usually a one-hit attack.

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