These are all the methods to get Diamonds for free and legally in Free Fire. We also show you how you can buy them and what their prices are, including sales and offers.

Diamonds are the most precious currency in Free Fire and therefore the most valuable resource. With these we can unlock all kinds of content in the store, such as characters, exclusive aspects and skins, pets and much more.

Diamonds are actually Free Fire's payment currency, that is, this premium currency must be purchased with real money in order to get it, and there are many payment methods and prices to do so. But, there are also a few profitable ways to get free diamonds. In this entry of our guide we tell you everything about it.

How to get free Diamonds in Free Fire?

First of all, one thing must be made clear, there are very few ways to get free Diamonds in Free Fire and all these methods will make you get very few diamonds in the long run. Obviously, the quick and easy way to get them is by paying.

However, if you can't or don't want to spend a dime, here are the legal ways to get free Diamonds.

Complete Missions

  • Free Fire sometimes makes in-game missions available to players that can be completed to earn a small amount of free diamonds.
  • You have to be very attentive often to all the missions that appear since it is rare to see this type of missions.
  • redeem codes
  • It is possible to earn free Diamonds by redeeming certain gift codes.
  • These promotional codes are 12 characters long and can be redeemed from the official Garena website to receive all kinds of rewards.
  • We recommend that you visit our entry with all the codes to find out which ones are currently active and be able to take advantage of them.

How to buy diamonds in Free Fire? (Prices and offers)

The most practical way to get diamonds in your Free Fire account is by paying real money for them. In this sense, the game offers a ridiculous amount of possibilities. For example, they can be purchased through the Pagostore page or from within the game through the Google Play and Apple Store platforms.

Here below we are going to list some of the ways to buy diamonds for you to consider. We will also tell you their prices (in this case for Spanish territory).

Recharging is what is known as the simple fact of buying Diamonds in Free Fire. If you are only thinking of buying a specific amount of diamonds, you may be interested in going through this section of the store. These are the packs and refill prices:

  • 100 diamonds: for 1.09 euros.
  • 310 diamonds: for 3.49 euros.
  • 520 diamonds: for 5.49 euros.
  • 1,060 diamonds: for 10.99 euros.
  • 2,180 diamonds: for 21.99 euros.
  • 5,600 diamonds: for 54.99 euros.

How can I get free Diamonds, without paying anything?

For this we must meet the following requirements.

  • First we must touch any ad that appears in this publication, that way you support me and I get the money to recharge the diamonds
  • The second step is to leave a comment on this post with your Free Fire ID where all the diamonds will be reloaded for free.
  • Third step is to visit this post several times a day so that in this way the visits you need to the website can enter.

With these 3 steps you can enter to participate, you can claim your diamonds, here we reward your loyalty and support to the channel my friend.

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