PRESET Alight Motion 2022

A preset means a preset means that it is a configuration of all the settings of the photos and videos that are saved and used to edit videos, if you do not have much experience for preset photography in a simple and very easy way as a click, of course after a series of previously configured adjustments and touch-ups, in such a way that the photo will look different from the original. Unlike other filters, the presets allow you to modify a detail, which makes your experience and learning a great final result.

Preset is an incredible tool to edit videos, the multiple options that it offers one of them is that you can save your own adjustments which improves our workflow, this is achieved only with a series of personal adjustments without having to repeat the process for each photograph and another of the options is that after applying a Preste continuously we can go to the toolbar option to make sure that they are the changes that have been made in each of the separate photos that are available and modify it to as more we like it and it is impressive it is clear that you do a lot of research and not limit yourself to applying the presets to have a good result in the end and learn from it.

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