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  1. Philosophy
    1. Measurements from Input Speed


The Raw Accel driver and GUI's workings and exposed parameters are based on our understanding of mouse acceleration. Our understanding includes the concepts of "gain", "whole vs by component", and "anisotropy." For clarity, we will outline this understanding here. Those uninterested can skip to Features below.

Measurements from Input Speed

Raw Accel, like any mouse modification program, works by acting on a passed-in (x,y) input in order to pass back out an (x,y) output. The GUI program creates charts by feeding a set of (x,y) inputs and times to the driver code to receive a set of (x,y) outputs. The following measurements, available as charts in Raw Accel, are then found from the outputs:

  • Sensitivity: The ratio of the output speed to the input speed. The "sensitivity multiplier" parameter in the program is a multiplier used on the post-calculation output vector.
  • (Output) Velocity: The speed of the final output vector. The output vs input velocity curve is perhaps the most important relationship in a particular setup because it directly describes the output for any given input. (We use "speed" and "velocity" interchangeably, and are aware of the difference elsewhere.)
  • Gain: The slope of the output vs input velocity curve. It answers the question: "if I move my hand a little faster, how much faster will my cursor move?" The relationship between gain and sensitivity is that if gain is continuous, so is sensitivity. The reverse is not necessarily true, so keeping the gain "nice" ensures "nice" sensitivity but not vice versa.
  • For the mathematically inclined: for input speed "v" and Output Velocity f(v), Sensitivity is f(v)/v and Gain is f'(v) = d/dv(f(v)).

Acceleration, then, is a characteristic of the velocity curve, defined as true when the velocity curve is non-linear for any input speed.

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